How it's started.

In the heart of a founder, it started from a team lead position in one of the prominent market players — a famous consulting corporation. Despite a comfortable environment and ability to raise his expertise level as a corporate worker, he already dreamed about his team, which will be much more «man-faced» rather than a corporate monster.

After several years, he just stepped outside to the unknown and, with a co-founder, started his own company, from the very start bringing with him the best principles of delivering services-involvement in a customer project and support as if a customer be a close friend. In a company, the customer is still called «partner» because this is how the Advascale was built from the very start.

In a short time, several key experts found their way as the Advascale team. Those top-rate SRE’s, Team Leads, PMs, Directors, and Managers, whose values are close to the company’s primary motto: «DevOps. Involvement. Support.» could find exciting projects for professional growth in an atmosphere of cooperation and trust. Since then, for several years, Advascale has been growing in project complexity and achieving the best results for its partners around the World.

Thank you all for being a part of the Advascale story.
Sincerely yours, Elias.

The Advascale advantage.

Advascale utilizes expert technical knowledge to create cutting-edge cloud solutions according to the client’s needs. We listen to our clients and provide technical audits as a part of every small project. Since we grew up from a one-person team, we know how to bring more life even to the MVP projects.

If you want to reduce cloud costs, improve operational efficiency, improve development performance, push innovation, or minimize risk, Advascale is your partner.

AWS competences
AWS Certifications
successful projects


Feedback from our grateful customers. Join them!

Advascale will be your perfect partner in profitability if:

We value your time, so we developed the principle of perfect cooperation

You expect our dedicated involvement
We are passionate about achieving results for our clients without compromising quality
You require the utmost in reliability
We are AWS, GCE, and K8s certified, therefore able to provide solutions which can successfully handle millions of unique visitors
You require tailored solutions and flexibility with desired timelines
Our engineers are located across 5 different time zones, ensuring dedicated support 24/7
You prefer automation throughout development and integration
We implement CI/CD processes which significantly shorten the feedback time and expedite the release time
Your business needs are unique
We are able to handle even the most comprehensive projects and are successful in managing various cloud and automation complexities.
You expect proactivity
We advise on and provide efficient vulnerability fixes
You expect heightened responsiveness
We have successfully automated our first line of support to exclude manual labor, thereby shortening response time
You need to know exactly what you are paying for
We reduce cloud expenses an average of 60% compared to on-demand employment
You require a trusted partner
With our home office based in the EU, we are subject to all EU laws and regulations. We have an unwavering commitment to discretion and confidentiality on behalf of our clients.

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    Tech stack.

    • Cloud providers
    • CloudContainers and orchestration providers
    • Code and delivery
    • Databases
    • Languages
    • Monitoring
    • Network & transport


      World’s most popular cloud platform

      Google cloud platform

      Closest competitor to AWS. Has advanced K8s support

      Digital Ocean

      Simple but powerfull cloud solution


      Cloud and ifrastructure provider with low pricing


      Base for containers and images


      World standard solution for container orchestration


      Package manager for Kubernetes


      Service mesh for Kubernetes. Comes with built-in monitoring and tracking tools


      CLI tool for deployment of your docker application into Kubernetes

      Github & Github Actions

      Standard de-facto for Git hosting with CI to deliver your code updates

      Bitbucket & Bitbucket pipelines

      Popular Git hosting solution with pipelines support from Atlassian

      Gitlab & Gitlab CI

      Advanced Github alternative Git hosting with own CI / CD solution


      Free and open source automation server


      Free software application used for event monitoring and alerting.


      Most advanced open source relational database


      Document-oriented database engine


      In-memory key–value database


      Open-source relational database management system


      Statically typed, compiled programming language designed at Google


      Interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language.


      Popular metrics visualization solution

      ELK stack

      The ELK stack is an acronym used to describe a stack that comprises of three popular projects: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.


      Communication protocol and free and open-source software that implements encrypted virtual private networks


      Open source remote procedure call system initially developed at Google in 2015

    We are listed.


    We are also in process of preparing to ISO 27001 certification

    The Advascale team takes security very seriously. As a part of our internal rules and ISO 9001 Certification, we use the following approaches to provide secure operations:

    Only authorized engineers with NDA have access to customers’ infrastructure and only to the part required for given tasks
    All exchange of private information, password and keys is performed using internal end-to-end encrypted solutions
    Team members use 2 factor authentication where is possible
    We never store AWS or any other credentials in Browser. Instead we use external password manager
    On local machines we use encrypted disk or encrypted home folder to store sensitive data and engineers doesn’t use fingerprint scanner as authentication to their workstations
    We don’t use email or messengers to pass sensitive information
    We never store keys or passwords in the Git repository in plaintext. Instead we use encryption tools like sops
    We use Hashicorp Vault to store credentials and granting access to engineers for cloud resources

    School of Kubernetes.

    Internal training course developed as a platform for knowledge exchange between Advascale engineers to ensure we can provide excellent services to our customers.

    We decided to release this course to the public to give back to the community and learn from students’ feedback.

    This is a practical course by design. It doesn’t contain videos but tasks accompanied with the detailed information required to solve the task. Validation is performed automatically and immediately.

    School of Kubernetes

    While the educational platform supports various themes currently, it has been released with Kubernetes course and contains the following topics to learn:

    Nowadays training course is available only in Russian language and can be accessed at:

    Kubernetes cluster creation
    kubectl installation and basic configuration
    Run simple payload with kubectl
    Create your first manifest
    Meet with Master and Worker nodes. Set limits for pod.
    Pod statuses
    Service resource. NodePort type.
    Service Cluster IP and External Name
    Run pod with toolkit inside (ping, dig, telnet)
    Port forwarding
    ....and many other kubernetes essential tasks