Managed Kubernetes from Advascale
Leading Open Source Container Orchestration Platform
A solid and stable platform for running distributed and highly available applications with automatic horizontal scaling.

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    Benefits of k8s usage in your project.

    No vendor lock-in. Almost every cloud provider now supports managed k8s, and you can migrate your app between clouds. You can even launch k8s on bare metal!
    Automatic healing. Failure nodes will be replaced with new ones automatically
    Autoscaling. Cluster size can be scaled up and down depending on your application load
    Standardization of application deployment and configuration. Use YAML files as deployment manifests. Use Helm package manager to handle your application lifecycle. Perfect for Infrastructure as a Code approach
    Zero downtime rolling updates. Your application or Kubernetes itself can do upgrade without a visible impact on your customers
    Huge ecosystem and broad choice of tools to simplify work with clusters
    Complete feature set for almost any kind of requirement. It is a mature platform
    Constantly evolving platform trusted and supported by leading companies
    Fine-tuned application running in k8s helps to decrease spending on infrastructure

    How can Advascale help you with Kubernetes?


    Our Engineers have a lot of experience deploying applications and clusters with complex customer requirements. We can launch and maintain the K8s cluster in any cloud and bare metal. If your application is not yet ready for running in a container, we’ll assist you with the packaging of your application to fit the new generation platform. Besides the successful launch of your application, we also provide these services:

    • Monitoring of your cluster and application health
    • Upgrading the cluster and related tools
    • Cost optimization of your application consumption based on load history taken from monitoring and special tools
    • Fine-tuning of CI / CD to work well with Kubernetes

    What is so special in Kubernetes for Advascale?


    We treat this platform as a new “operating system” for complex deployments and modern microservice applications. Even though it helps us to reduce maintenance overhead, it remains a pretty complex product with a lot of moving parts. So internally, we developed training courses for engineers to simplify knowledge exchange and keep skills up to date.

    Why run Kubernetes with Advascale?

    • We know how to “cook” it
    • We know how to save your money not sacrificing the application reliability
    • We have a lot of k8s recipes in our internal Golden Framework that proved their efficiency in production
    • We are open to new experiences, and we are excited to run alternative “light” versions(MicroK8s) of Kubernetes if it fits you best
    • We know “pros” and “cons” of managed version in different clouds (AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, OVH, Yandex)