R&D as a

Developing new products or improving existing ones is a way for a business to remain competitive and get a profit.

While implementing Cloud Integration as a Service we acknowledged how crucial is the support of the Cloud Architecture in the analytical part of developing IT solutions.

RDaaS was created as architecture support – advisory and consulting service for businesses looking for deep situation analysis and what is most significant – get valuable recommendations.

Turning ideas into technologies, providing the best options, and dialogue to achieve visible results are core elements of R&D as a Service. Understanding what should be reviewed, modified, and changed is a part of the R&D process.

Advascale are infrastructure-building and improving experts who can evaluate current activities, determine key deliverables, and set up an end-to-end implementation strategy for any project.

How it works?


  • Wide and complex infrastructure audit and business impact analysis
  • Pain-points definition and assessment
  • Initial findings

Gathering the business requirements

  • Data collecting and evaluating
  • Dialogue
  • Setting-up the output

Investigating and Specifying

  • Ideas' screening
  • Report outlining
  • Viable proposals