Cloud Integration as a Service.

Maintaining a data center is expensive and inflexible, which is why companies today are offloading the risk and responsibility to cloud providers.

As an ISO 2015:9001 certified and aspiring ISO 27000 company, our job is to ensure that your platform takes all advantage of the cloud’s scalability, performance, and cost benefits in a reliable and zero downtime approach.

R&D as a

Developing new products or improving existing ones is a way for a business to remain competitive and get a profit.

While implementing Cloud Integration as a Service we acknowledged how crucial is the support of the Cloud Architecture in the analytical part of developing IT solutions.

RDaaS was created as architecture support – advisory and consulting service for businesses looking for deep situation analysis and what is most significant – get valuable recommendations.

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Cloud Computing provides numerous options when it comes to types, sizes, and payment plans for cloud resources. Cloud Financial Management, or FinOps, ensures you get the most value out of every dollar or euro spent in the cloud. In the same way that DevOps revolutionized development by breaking down silos and increasing agility, smart cloud usage increases the business value of the cloud by bringing together technology, business, and finance professionals with a new set of processes.

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    24/7 DevOps Support Service

    Security, Reliability, and Smooth operation of all systems 24×7 – is the key to success. Every second of a Downtime can cost your business an unpredictable loss of finance and reputation resources.

    We not only predict, capture, and fix the incidents but also provide ongoing audit and optimization plans to maintain system availability on 99,9% service uptime and avoid the negative impact of downtime on your business.

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    Managed Kubernetes from Advascale
    Leading Open Source Container Orchestration Platform
    A solid and stable platform for running distributed and highly available applications with automatic horizontal scaling.

    How can Advascale help you with Kubernetes?


    Our Engineers have a lot of experience deploying applications and clusters with complex customer requirements. We can launch and maintain the K8s cluster in any cloud and bare metal. If your application is not yet ready for running in a container, we’ll assist you with the packaging of your application to fit the new generation platform. Besides the successful launch of your application, we also provide these services:

    • Monitoring of your cluster and application health
    • Upgrading the cluster and related tools
    • Cost optimization of your application consumption based on load history taken from monitoring and special tools
    • Fine-tuning of CI / CD to work well with Kubernetes

    What is so special in Kubernetes for Advascale?


    We treat this platform as a new “operating system” for complex deployments and modern microservice applications. Even though it helps us reduce maintenance overhead, it remains a pretty complex product with many moving parts. So internally, we developed training courses for engineers to simplify knowledge exchange and keep skills up to date.

    Why run Kubernetes with Advascale?

    • We know how to “cook” it
    • We know how to save your money not sacrificing the application reliability
    • We have a lot of k8s recipes in our internal Golden Framework that proved their efficiency in production
    • We are open to new experiences, and we are excited to run alternative “light” versions(MicroK8s) of Kubernetes if it fits you best
    • We know “pros” and “cons” of managed version in different clouds (AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, OVH, Yandex)
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    IT Outstaffing.

    Looking for IT Staff Augmentation?
    Advascale provides dedicated professionals to accelerate the delivery.

    Whether you need a single Engineer or a whole team to tackle projects, we get everything you need to Growth your Business.

    Let’s talk about your tech team needs!