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    About us .

    Our team has a diverse range of experience in cloud and DevOps services and solutions. We remain entirely at your disposal to implement such skills in optimizing and automating IT processes to suit your business.

    We specialize in building scalable and fault-tolerant environments for your software development, delivery, deployment, and security. Our engineering team is always available to deliver prompt and competent technical support. We diligently serve our clients throughout the development process and initial deployment and remain dedicated to continued maintenance.

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    Our engineering team will perform a detailed analysis and evaluation of your software infrastructure. Given their findings, we will compose a compatible DevOps strategy for your business. Prior to implementation, we will engage in a discussion with you regarding your budget, conditions, and additional considerations.

    Estimate: Complimentary with cloud migration services

    Cost optimisation

    Infrastructure management is an essential tool for any organization looking to increase efficiency from a DevOps perspective. Advascale will work with you to create scalable and reliable solutions through tailored cloud optimizations.

    Estimate: Complimentary with cloud migration services

    Continuous integration

    Clean, reliable code is the foundation for continuous integration. Our engineering team assists our clients in testing, analyzing, and working to refine code to ensure that necessary improvements are developed and deployed.

    Estimate: Complimentary with cloud migration services


    Deployment automation reduces production time, streamlines IT processes, and enhances the accuracy of all functions. Our team is committed to solving your deployment solutions through structured automation.

    Estimate: Complimentary with cloud migration services

    Cloud Migration

    Seamless integration of processes and resources is a necessary function for sustainable and uninterrupted business operations. We are dedicated to simplifying delivery to your hosted virtual platform and collaborating proficiently on successful automation.

    Estimate: Complimentary with cloud migration services


    All software infrastructure requires consistent monitoring and maintenance. Advascale works to support your software and make improvements to optimize your tools and resources. Our engineers are skilled in addressing scaling issues, load reassignments, and advising on routine fixes as needed. Maintaining a secure and fully operational platform on your behalf is our priority.

    Estimate: Complimentary with cloud migration services

    Advascale Leaders.

    As a skilled and versatile team of DevOps experts with decades of experience, we are eager to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. With our certifications, we are well-suited to help you save valuable time, energy, and money. We look forward to learning more about your business needs and the opportunity to work as partners to achieve success for your business.

    Max Jupits

    COO, Co-Founder (ex-CEO)

    Max’s passion for IT entrepreneurship has led him to launch two successful companies in the IT and Engineering spaces. With three degrees in technical sciences, his education and industry experience provide him with a strong background from which to advise clients and solve infrastructure problems. Max works for Advascale clients to strategically optimize their development capacities and assist in accelerating their businesses.

    Elias Nichupienko

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Elias began his career as a technical support engineer in Novosibirsk's local ISP, soon becoming IT engineer of Network Utilisation Department where he learned and developed an interest in UNIX. After several years in system administration, he completed his AWS Certification and started working as a freelancer, seeing a strong market for DevOps. In 2018, Elias founded Advascale alongside Max and Mikhail with the intention of providing dynamic IT and DevOps services to a larger client network.

    Mikhail Dyadchenko

    CIO, Senior Architect

    Mikhail is Advascale’s Senior Solution Architect. In 2002 he began his IT career as a System Administrator for a wireless ISP company in Siberia while pursuing technical degrees at Novosibirsk State Technical University, culminating with the achievement of a Master's degree in 2005. Following years he came to specialize in clouds (AWS, GCE, Azure), CI/CD, and automation. Since 2018, Mikhail became Advascale’s CTO and later CIO.

    Ryan Alexander Hennesy

    Head of Sales

    Ryan tracks his passion for sales back to his pre-professional days. After finishing his professional football career because of a sports injury, he began a career in sales as a Sales Manager at an automotive company. With 12+ years of overall experience in sales, 8 of them Ryan worked with IT solution providers across U.S. and European markets. Ryan leads our sales team and is responsible for sales strategy and implementation.

    Alex Babochkin


    Alexander has graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 2007 and always worked in IT. Has profound experience in development and operations. Has authored several tools and applications; some of them are DevOps related. Primary specializations are Cloud, Kubernetes, IaC, and all related fields. Big fan of Golang. Initially joined Advascale as a DevOps engineer, but since mid-2021, he became the CTO of the Advascale company.

    Batal Magadov

    Managed Services Lead

    Batal has graduated from Belarusian State Economic University in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Management. In his student years, he became interested in IT. His first IT job was network administrator, later he became a network engineer. Prior to joining Advascale, he started to explore DevOps practices and cloud engineering. Now he has a strong background in his domain and confirmed his knowledge by AWS and Cisco certifications. Since mid-2021 Batal became an AMS Team Lead.